Pacific School of Dance was acquired by Connie Hogge in 1988. It was run as a small business with one instructor offering classes in classical ballet. The small school grew from 3 students to 70 by January 1989.

In the fall of 1989 the dance school merged with Pacific Dance Spectrum Inc. This business owned by Theresa Lundberg and Pamela Chaney offered classes in dance, martial arts and fitness. With the addition of new staff, the dance program was able to offer an expanded curriculum including jazz, modern dance and tap. 

In 1995 the small business was dissolved and the dance program sold to the Boys & Girls Club of SW Oregon.

Pacific School of Dance has a fourteen-year history with the Boys & Girls Club.  We currently serve approximately 130 families and 170 students who are taking over 200 classes per week.

PSD is a quality-oriented school recognized by dance educators nationwide. Of equal importance is our commitment to expanding our community’s awareness of the importance of dance. We do this through maintaining equally high standards of performance and instruction through our workshops, educational outreach programs, faculty continuing education and adherence to our professional syllabus.

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