Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are registered. Consistent attendance and focus in class are the most important components in the progress and success of our students.

Punctuality and Lateness

All levels of dancers should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class with appropriate attire and hair in a bun or secured off the face and neck according to the requirement of each dance discipline. Students are expected to notify the school by phone or email if they are going to miss class. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. Check with the teacher for the best available make-up class. Excessive absences and tardiness will be noted and will effect a students eligibility to be promoted to the next level and impact the ability to perform in productions. A student arriving late, for safety reasons, may be asked to participate by observing. Repeated lateness may result in a termination of classes.

Food and drink

Only bottled water allowed in classrooms. No gum at any time. Put all garbage and recyclables in the cans provided, and report spills and/or messes to the office.

Hallway etiquette

Parents and siblings of dancers are welcome to wait in the lobby during classes. Small children should be supervised at all times with hallway voices kept at a quiet level. Sit, don’t stand, on furniture and treat our school with respect at all times.

Dropping off And Picking Up

All students in the Preparatory Levels should be accompanied by a parent or designated adult. For age 8 & above students being dropped off or picked up, please use the area on the school side of the street, right in front of the dance school entry doors. Please .. No U turns. All students should be picked up promptly after class. PARKING AND WAITING For those families who park and wait during class, please park only in designated parking spots:
  1. The street surrounding the dance school, being careful not to block any driveways.
  2. The lined parking spots at the fire station.

Remember that we are in a residential neighborhood with people and pets so be cautious and courteous. No U turns!

Photo and Video Policy

In order to maintain the privacy of our students and staff do not take any photos or videos during any classes.  Photos and videos may be taken in the classroom during observation class weeks and at recital dress/tech rehearsals only.  Do not photograph staff members without their permission.  Be considerate when posting anything on face book or other internet venues by getting permission to include anyone other than your student.  ALL CAMERAS  AND RECORDING DEVICES ARE BANNED DURING THE ANNUAL RECITAL PERFORMANCES.


Communication is important and scheduled conferences with teachers and students are welcomed with a parent or guardian present.


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